Cocktail con Estudiantes de Chicago Booth en Madrid

13 07 2011

Hora: Martes, 30 de agosto · 20:00 – 23:00
Lugar: Castellana DF, Paseo de la castellana 74, Madrid.
Metro: Gregorio Marañón
Regístrate aquí:
Web del pub:

Ahora que estás considerando tus diferentes opciones para realizar un MBA, nos gustaría invitarte al cocktail de Chicago Booth en Madrid.Este evento será una reunión informal con estudiantes y antiguos alumnos. Es un ambiente relajado en el que puedes conocer mejor la experiencia de estudiar un MBA en Chicago Booth. No es una presentación formal. Simplemente, relájate, toma una copa con nosotros y conoce a los estudiantes de Chicago Booth. Esperamos verte allí!


- Conoce a estudiantes y antiguos alumnos de Chicago Booth;
- Haznos todas tus preguntas en un ambiente relajado;
- Y disfruta de unas copas con nosotros.

Chicago Booth European Conference 2010

10 05 2010

The European Business Group (EBG) hosted on last Monday, April 12th, its first European Conference, that gathered some of the most outstanding European and North American leaders of the political and corporate world under the theme “Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for EU/US business”.

One of the guest of honor at the conference was Mr. Jose Maria Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain, who opened the event with a speech about the importance of transatlantic relations for the future of Europe. Mr. Aznar lamented that the current US administration is giving lower importance to this relation with Europe in favor of other regions of the world, in particular Asia and Middle East. Mr. Aznar also placed special emphasis on the necessity of creating a free market without transatlantic trade barriers and do not fall into the old temptation of protectionism as a response to the current economic crisis. Mr. Aznar explained that the liberalization of the transatlantic market regarding services, capital and knowledge is necessary to improve the competitiveness of the European Union. According to Mr. Aznar, these political and economic reforms must be accompanied by a strong commitment to the defense of freedom against the threat of totalitarianism, global terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In this sense, NATO must take a leading role in the fight against terrorism.

The conference then hosted three panel discussions and a lunch keynote. The topic of the first panel discussion of the conference, Messrs. Alessandro Motta, Martin Rouine, Javier Ruperez and Dirk Willen Schiff, respectively Consul Generals of Italy, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands in Chicago, discussed about the particular features of the economies of their countries, and identified the major weaknesses of the EU’s lack of a genuine common fiscal and economic policy.

The next panel focused on Innovation and Competitiveness, included representatives from the Case New Holland / Fiat Group, DSM Desotech, NAVTEQ, Aviva North America and the EU Delegation to the US. After the panel, Mr. Abe Tomas Hughes, Vice President Director of Business Development  of Case New Holland / Fiat Group for the Americas made a keynote speech about  “International Business and the
MBA – A Hands-On Perspective”.

The third panel addressed the Future of Transatlantic Finance, where executives of Deutsche bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and JP Morgan Securities, Inc. made a thorough analysis of the current financial panorama in Europe and the US.

Mr. Yiannos Papantoniou, former Minister for National Economy and Finance of Greece, was in charge of closing the conference with a speech and a round of questions about the Euro Crisis. According to Mr. Papantoniou, “The absence of a central supervisory authority for the financial system has created doubts as to the ability of the weaker member-countries to bail out their banks. Credit risks spread sharply so that over-indebted countries such as Greece started to borrow at much higher interest rates in relation to Germany. This tendency, reinforced by negative ratings by international agencies, may lead to credit crises, even to default. The Greek crisis has highlighted the fact that the euro is a monetary union but not a political union. It does possess a central bank, but not a Treasury. The central bank can provide liquidity in times of crisis, though only a Treasury can address problems of solvency.”

Finally Mr. Papantoniou highlighted that the Euro Crisis does also represent an opportunity for a leap forward in the integration process. “Difficult as it may seem today, unification should proceed to higher levels so that Europe attains a stronger position in the international system”, Mr. Papantoniou said.

For the European Business Group, the organization of Chicago Booth European Conference 2010 required a considerable amount of time and efforts. Organizing the first European Business Conference has been a challenge, and we would like to thank all the speakers, our sponsors; The Case New Holland / Fiat Group, Deutsche Bank and DSM, the professors, volunteers and participants for helping us to make it happened.  It is the wish of all of us to see this conference become better every year, and that’s why we have already started to work on the next year edition. There are still many challenges and opportunities for EU/US businesses to explore, and we look forward to meeting you again next year!

The European Business Group:

More information:

Chicago Booth European Conference 2010: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities for EU/US Business

4 03 2010

European Conference 2010Chicago Booth European Business Group is organizing Chicago Booth’s first European Conference, scheduled for April 12, 2010 at Harper Centre in Chicago. The theme of the conference is “Exploring the Challenges and Opportunities for EU/US Business” and we are very excited to announce the attendance of Mr. José María Aznar López, former Prime Minister of Spain, as the keynote speaker.

The purpose of this conference is to strengthen the links between Europe and Booth at multiple levels. At the student level, this conference will increase the awareness of Europe in the Booth diverse student community. At the same time, since we are planning to invite professors, the European and non European faculty will have the opportunity to talk about Europe related issues. From the career perspective, it is our objective to reinforce the commitment of Booth to careers in Europe through this conference, and ideally establish new relationships with European companies present in the US that currently don’t recruit at Booth. Finally but not less importantly, we want to use the organization of this conference as a tool to reinforce the relationships between Booth European Alumni and the current students.

Conferencia de estudiantes españoles de MBA en EEUU- MBA Internacional 2010 (II)

4 03 2010

Muchos de vosotros nos habéis estado pidiendo una agenda más detallada de la Conferencia para poder organizar mejor vuestros respectivos viajes. Todavía estamos acabando de definir algunas de las actividades por lo que esta agenda es tentativa, pero se debería parecer bastante a lo que será el fin de semana:

La cena con Aznar (que es lo que la mayoría no se quiere perder) está programada que empiece el domingo a las 7:30pm. Aznar dará una pequeña charla sobre las 8:00pm y luego podremos disfrutar de una cena con él. El formato de la cena se está acabando de determinar todavía así que no os podemos ofrecer mucho detalle al respecto pero durara hasta las 22h aproximadamente. Sabemos que algunos de vosotros tendréis que iros antes hacia el aeropuerto por lo que estamos viendo la posibilidad de hacer un formato de cena más informal.

La conferencia del European Business Group tendrá lugar en Chicago Booth el lunes 12 de abril de 9:00 – 16:00 aproximadamente.  Se está terminando de cerrar el programa y os podremos dar información más detallada la semana que viene. En cuanto tengamos más información os la haremos llegar. Aznar será el primer ponente de la jornada y hablará de 9:00-10:00.

Como siempre, no dudéis en poneros en contacto con nosotros si tenéis cualquier duda, pregunta o sugerencia.

Os esperamos en Chicago!

Un saludo,

Conferencia MBA Internacional 2010 – 10 y 11 de abril – CHICAGO

25 02 2010

Queridos estudiantes españoles de MBA en EEUU,

Empieza la cuenta atrás…quedan 45 días para la conferencia MBA Internacional 2010!

Para los que andéis un poco despistados, MBA Internacional es una asociación de alumnos españoles de MBA ( Durante los últimos años, se ha organizado una conferencia anual para reunir a todos los MBAs españoles que están en Estados Unidos. Una especie de evento de “networking” a la española. Este año somos más de 100 españoles repartidos entre las mejores escuelas de negocio de la geografía americana.

El fin de semana del 10 y 11 de Abril 2010 nos reunimos todos en Chicago!

El Comité Organizador -un grupo de estudiantes de Chicago Booth y Kellogg- estamos trabajando desde hace tiempo para que este evento sea un éxito!

Suponemos que tendréis preguntas… Vamos a intentar adelantarnos y contestar a las siguientes:

1. Para qué sirve esta conferencia?

2. Que actividades hay planeadas para el fin de semana?

3. Quien se ocupa del transporte y el alojamiento?

4. Puedo venir con mi pareja?

5. Cuando hay que confirmar la participación?

Ahí vamos…

1. Para qué sirve esta conferencia?

Pues básicamente para lo que quieras; para ampliar tu red de contactos, para compartir planes/ideas de negocio, para conectar con otros españoles con tus mismas inquietudes, para hacer nuevos amigos, para pasártelo bien, para hacer turismo en Chicago, para poder decir que has cenado con Jose Maria Aznar…

2. Que actividades hay planeadas para el fin de semana?

El Kick-off “oficial” del evento será el sábado con una comida con el cónsul de España en Chicago. Para los que tengáis previsto llegar antes, hay actividades planeadas también para el viernes.

La idea de los Treks Turísticos es visitar distintos puntos de interés de la ciudad de Chicago con un grupo de gente que comparta tus intereses (en industria: finanzas, energía, gran consumo, tecnología, etc. y/o función: consultoría, banca, entrepreneurship, etc.).

Programa de la conferencia

Como clausura del evento, tendremos la oportunidad de cenar con el ex presidente del gobierno español, don Jose Maria Aznar. Al día siguiente, Aznar dará una charla en Chicago Booth en el marco de la “European Conference 2010” a la cual estáis invitados a asistir.

Ese fin de semana además juega el Barça-Madrid. No dudéis que montaremos una buena para verlo!!

3. Quien se ocupa de los billetes de avión y el alojamiento?

Esto corre a cargo vuestro. Para los vuelos, recomendamos que lleguéis a Chicago el viernes por la tarde/noche o el sábado por la mañana y que volváis el domingo por la noche o el lunes por la tarde (si queréis asistir a la conferencia del European Business Group de Chicago Booth).

Hay dos aeropuertos en Chicago – O’hare y Midway – y los dos tienen línea de metro que te lleva directamente al centro de la ciudad por menos de $3.

En cuanto al alojamiento, hay muchísimas opciones en Chicago! Nuestra recomendación es que os quedéis Downtown que será lo más práctico para llegar a todos los eventos. Para ayudaros, estamos componiendo una lista de hoteles y apartamentos que os puede ser útil. En cuanto lo tengamos listo os lo haremos llegar.

4. Puedo venir con mi pareja?

Por supuesto, pero solo si es española! (Es broma!)

Sí, las parejas están invitadas a participar en todos los eventos que tendrán lugar durante el fin de semana.

5. Cuándo hay que confirmar la participación?

Cuanto más pronto, mejor! Pero sobre todo antes del viernes 5 de marzo! Para poder cerrar reservas necesitamos saber el número exacto de gente que va a participar en el evento.

También hemos creado el evento en Facebook donde iremos colgando información sobre el evento. Uniros!

Esperamos que con esto tengáis una idea más clara del evento y de porque NO OS LO QUEREIS PERDER! Más información la semana que viene!

Si tenéis cualquier pregunta o sugerencia, no dudéis en poneros en contacto con nosotros. Esperamos veros a tod@s en Abril en Chicago!


El equipo organizador

Globthink Prize to the Most Global US Company

25 02 2010

oscarGlobthink is awarding a prize to the most global US company.


Companies taking part in this competition must

1) Be headquartered in the US

2) Have operations out of the US

3) Be ready to sponsor international MBA applicants for full-time positions in the US

4) Have more than 20.000 employees worldwide


Globthink readers can nominate companies for the prize using the comments in this blog until Sunday March 14th 2010


Globthink readers will vote online among the nominated companies that fulfill the requirements from Tuesday March 30th 2010.


Wednesday March 31st 2009.


The most voted company will be awarded an interview about its recruiting opportunities on Globthink

Chicago Booth European Business Group

24 02 2010

The European Business Group is a 200+ member student group at Chicago Booth dedicated to promoting cultural and professional exchange with Europe. While our members come from diverse backgrounds, we are unified by a common cultural and professional interest in the countries of Europe.

EBG’s goals for the 2010-2011 school year include:

  • Fostering a sense of European community within Chicago Booth, through social and cultural events;
  • Supporting students in the pursuit of internships and full-time job opportunities in Europe, through activities such as resume reviews, mock interviews, Eurotrek and London Banking Days;
  • Providing guidance to prospective students from Europe; and
  • Engaging corporate recruiters and alumni groups from throughout Europe.

The European Business Group is organizing the Chicago Booth European Conference 2010 on April 12th 2010, in which the former president of Spain, Mr. José María Aznar, will be the keynote speaker.

Follow your inner voice in B-school

17 02 2010


I read this on Facebook the other day:

When I arrived to B-School I heard an echo saying: “if you aren’t a consultant or an i-banker, you are a looser”. Gradually, the voice became a music. I danced with the music. I made love to the music. But in a skyscraper in NY, the music suddenly stopped and my lift crashed onto the basement. I was initially lost but without the music I could hear my inner voice and started to think about what I really wanted to do.

Image: from the Sydney Morning Herald

Financial Reforms and the Millenium Bridge

12 11 2009

The lecture given by Professor Sapra about the counterproductive aspects of some of the accouting measures US legislators are considering in order to strengthen the financial sector has been one of the best I have ever had in my whole life.

According to Professor Sapra:

  • Increasing the reporting frequency is an incentive for managers to focus in the short-term and neglect long-run growth, which is bad for the economy
  • Using fair market values in finacial statements will increase volatility in financial reports, companies will react more to the actions of other companies than to the fair value of fundamentals.
    • Analogy: The Millenium Bridge in London was built in with a special suspension design that allowed the bridge to react to vibrations, like the steps of people. The problem was that people tend to walk at the same pace, especially if there are many people and the bridge is vibrating. As a result of people moving at the same time, the bridge enters oscillates too much. The Millenium Bridge was closed for 18 months after its opening to change the suspension system.

    The comparison with the Millenium Bridge Professor Sapra made, together with the clarity of his explanations and his sense of humor, made this lecture so great and memorable.

    What do we really know about the spread of AIDS?

    11 11 2009

    Professor Oster is my teacher of micro-economics at Chicago Booth.

    I would like to talk about her absolutely amazing presentation at TED. Professor Oster rebates many of the believes that are commonly accepted about AIDS in Africa:

    1. 25 Million people infected with AIDS in Africa
    2. If we decrease poverty, we will decrease AIDS
    3. African countries should follow the example of Uganda to combat AIDS. Uganda’s AIDS policy is based on education

    What is really amazing and innovative about Professor Oster is that she is using economics to decipher a problem that is usually part of epidemiology or public health.

    Unrestricted Work Authorization in the US

    9 11 2009
    Green Card in the US

    Green Card in the US

    One of the biggest challenges for international MBA students in the US is landing into a full-time position in a company willing to sponsor their working visa.

    Unfortunately, the number of companies willing to sponsor international candidates is very small (except in consulting).

    The Myths

    1) Visa sponsorship involves additional costs.

    FALSE. This is only around 5000 USD, which is much less than the salary they will pay you (hopefully!)

    2) It is difficult to justify that you hire a foreigner because the required skills cannot be found in the US.

    FALSE. It depends on how specific you are about skills in the visa application. You cannot just justify it based on the requirement to have an MBA degree and experience in industry A, because there are thousands of American falling in that description. But you are much more credible if you say you need somebody with experience developing operations strategy in industry A in country B, with experience dealing with senior management and leading multi-cultural teams, with intra-preneurial experience, fluent in language A and language B, with contacts in industry C, with a diploma thesis in field D… Not surprisingly, the way you write the Visa application influences the result.

    The Reason

    The main reason why companies choose not to sponsor is because the US Government can refuse a visa application without any explanation. The extension of a previously awarded visa can also be refused without any explanation. Companies do not like taking this risk. Only companies with the resources to lobby the government adequately are comfortable with this risk. The real problem is that the Government is not reliable regarding visa applications.

    On top of that, the TARP program (Troubled Asset Release Program) of the US government makes things even more difficult for international MBA students, especially those interested in Banking. The TARP program is a US government initiative to address the subprime mortgage crisis and strengthen its financial sector. TARP states that companies receiving funds under TARP cannot sponsor an international student if they make an American worker redundant.

    The Long Term Implications

    If you look at American history, this country is currently the number one in the world because it has traditionally sourced talent from anywhere in the world. If this practice stops now, this will no longer be the US in 50 years. It will just be a second range country somewhere in the North of the Gulf of Mexico.

    Additional Resources: TARP

    Read this interesting  article from scholarship for USA about the impact of TARP program  on job opportunities for international students.

    Chicago Booth Approach to Management Education

    8 11 2009


    This post expresses what Dean Edward A. Snyder’s  welcome speech to the class of 2011 means to me. Some people may argue that statement of principles and values are just statements and have little connection with real practices. But I believe that sometimes it is important to step back and think about the meaning of what you are doing.

    The University of Chicago is renowned for its schools of thought. Each school has its own approach for an specific discipline: Chicago approach to sociology, Chicago approach to economics, Chicago approach to physics, Chicago approach to literary criticism….

    What is Chicago Approach to Management Education?

    • Discipline-based knowledge : Business problems are complex and involve many disciplines. To understand organizations, markets, competition and succeed in business, you need knowledge from psychology, sociology, econometrics,  marketing… Other business schools focus on industries rather than on disciplines and neglect the multi-dimensional nature of business.
    • Empirical knowledge: Chicago Booth believes in facts.
    • Analysis: Good decisions are backed by good analysis. Analysis for Chicago Booth is discussing, challenging, fine-tuning ideas and deciding about them. The best idea is a provisional best idea. (See my post about this: What is Chicago Booth all about?). Booth is one of the few schools that focuses on the importance of decisions.
    • Fundamental principles: Effective business practices should be based on fundamental principles, not on furors or fads.

    So, What is Chicago strategy, then?

    • Values: Chicago believes on an unified system of values. We should have the same values at home, at the school, at work, in our country, in other countries, when doing research, when teaching…
    • Relations: every relation is important. Relations is helping each other, asking for help, giving help. We are receiving much support from second-year students, from alumni…
    • Respect for diversity: new ideas stem from diversity. We need to cherish diversity.

    Picture: belongs to

    Consulting Terminology: A.T. Kearney, Bain, BCG, Booz, McKinsey

    3 11 2009

    This post is dedicated to all those MBA students recruiting for consulting. The first difference among consulting firms you realize when you are recruiting is their terminology. I would like to bring some light to this.

    MBAs apply to the row underlined.

    Business Analyst Associate Consultant Associate Consultant Business Analyist
    Senior Business Analyst Senior Associate Consultant
    Associate Consultant Consultant Associate Associate
    Manager Case Team Leader Project Leader Senior Associate Engagement Manager
    Principal Manager Principal Principal Assocaite Principal
    Officer Partner Partner Partner Partner
    Projects Cases Cases Projects Engagements
    Feng Shui Consultant

    Feng Shui Consultant (


    18 10 2009
    Team-Building with La Caixa at Bradford Woods

    Team-Building with La Caixa at Bradford Woods

    I have taken part in three team-building activities, which have been all very interesting:

    • The LOE (Leadership Outdoor Experience) of LEAD course at Chicago Booth, (Wisconsin’09)
    • A team-building day at Bradford Woods during the orientation week for La Caixa scholars (Indiana’09)
    • A couple of team-building days organized by my previous company in a resort at Yalong Bay (Hainan province, China)

    These are some of the asks I have carried out during my team-building experiences:

    • Get the whole team pass over a rolling barrel situated 2 m high between two trees (LEAD). No rope. No ladder.
    • Build a boat with barrels, wood planks and ropes, and cross a lake on it. This was absolutely grate! (La Caixa)
    • Get the whole team of 30 move forward 100 m stepping only on some moveable tiles (around 10). Stepping on the ground is not allowed (Yalong Bay).

    I think team-building is very important because it helps people:

    • Create network: One of the problems in the corporate or academic world is that people do not like working together. They do not ask for help, they repeat work and mistakes already done for others, and the rest hidden in their niches of responsibility neglecting cross-functional aspects. Team-building makes people know each other and feel like working with each other.
    • Know about others. Team-building is very useful to know…
      • Who is good at which particular kind of work?
      • Who is creative
      • Who is a strategist
      • Who is methodical and organized
      • Who is authoritarian
      • Who is passive
      • Who is deceitful
      • Who is impulsive
    • Know about yourself
      • How I tend to act in team settings
      • What I usually do well?
      • What I usually do wrong?
    • Know how to work in teams
      • Ask for help when needed
      • Lead when you know the topic; being led when you don’t
      • Offer observations regarding the team’s progress
      • Propose, discuss, improve ideas
      • Don’t take other people’s comments personal

    This is why I love Chicago Booth

    7 10 2009

    2009 Booth Follies. A parody of the “Wassup” Bud Light beer commercial. Starring Deans Snyder, Martinelli, & Kole and Prof. Erik Hurst. Written & Directed by Samarth Chandra


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